Asus VivoBook 15.6" inch Glass Touch Screen Digitizer TCP15F81 V1.0

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Asus VivoBook S550ca S550c S550 15.6" inch Glass Touch Screen Digitizer TCP15F81 V1.0

ALSO FOR Asus Vivobook s500 S550C   Asus Vivobook s500 S500CA  Asus Vivobook X550 X550CA X550LA

Asus Vivobook Q500 Q500A  Asus Vivobook V550 V550C V550CA   Asus Vivobook S550 S550C S550CA

Display Specification :

condition :brand new

brand :for Asus VivoBook ASUS S550ca S550c S550

part number :TCP15F81 V1.0

size :15.6"

resolution :1366*768

Aspect ratio :wide

panel surface :glossy

backlight type :40pins LED

packing :Antistatic bag and box


TCP15F81 V0.4   15.6"


Asus Vivobook s500 S550C
Asus Vivobook s500 S500CA
Asus Vivobook X550 X550CA X550LA
Asus Vivobook Q500 Q500A
Asus Vivobook V550 V550C V550CA
Asus Vivobook S550 S550C S550CA


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