Toshiba Satellite L40T 14.0" Touch Glass (FP-TPAY14113E-05X)

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Toshiba Satellite  L40T LCD Touch Digitizer with Touch Glass  (FP-TPAY14113E-05X)

Toshiba Satellite L40T  DIG-14.0-TOSHIBA-L40T-BLCK BLACK 

Touch Digitizer(AP-00GJ0TB1 MED17CN1S04) 




Display Specification 


condition :brand new

brand :for toshiba  Toshiba Satellite L40T

part number:   Touch Digitizer(AP-00GJ0TB1 MED17CN1S04)


packing: antisatic bag and box


Touch Digitizer(AP-00GJ0TB1 MED17CN1S04)

Toshiba Sateliite L40t DIG-14.0-TOSHIBA-L40T-BLCK BLACK


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